Kevin Verwijmeren (NL)

Kevin Verwijmeren is a 22 years old physics student and electronic musician currently based in Delft, The Netherlands. Originally born in the Southern part of The Netherlands close to the sea. About a year ago he really started to develop music on a more serious level. He makes music mainly in order to clear up his mind. The way he makes his music is that he is searching for certain melodies and patterns that, when they are combined, create a certain landscape of sounds where he can roam around in his thoughts. His first recognition as an artist was when his track “The never ending tape” got featured in the record label futuresequence 7 compilation. Futuresequence reviewed the track and said the following : I guess this one is for fans of William Basinski and while Verwijmeren undoubtedly wears his influences on his sleeve, this composition is rather really accomplished in its own right. Muffled tape loops and reverse tones slowly develop their subtle narrative over modular (?) synths pulsing in the background and create a rather wonderful mesh of shifting textures that gain in appreciation upon repeated listens.