Monolyth & Cobalt (FR)

Monolyth & Cobalt is the solo music project from Mathias Van Eecloo, a French composer, self-taught musician & multi-instrumentalist born in 1977. After some art & photography studies, he decides recently, in 2008, to begin and focus his researches on sounds.
His sounds are created, recorded and composed at home with a lot of instruments, textures, electronic devices and field recordings. No laptop. Experiment, improvise, try to find the balance between feelings and experimentation. Mathias maintains a narrow relationship between sounds and images, an image can inspire a tone and a tone can inspire an image. Each Monolyth & Cobalt album is more like a story or a book than a music concept.
Since his first pieces of sounds in 2008, He has released some albums on Kesh Recordings, Audio gourmet, Somehow Recordings, Twice Removed Records and he collaborated on some various artists compilations and projects like Futuresequence and more.

monolyth & cobalt- Autoportrait, at home, near from the sea - Soft recordings