Sound Awakener (VN)

Sound Awakener is Nguyễn Hồng Nhung (Nhung Nguyen) from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Sound Awakener is my solo project formed back in 2011, with the aim to experiment with various sound elements, especially random ones. I’ve mainly worked with laptop and sometimes instruments/daily objects since then. I record, design and manipulate everything by myself, from field recordings, tape sounds to generative sounds.

Bloggers/writers tend to categorise my music into genres like : electroacousitc, sound art, ambient, noise,…I personally don’t care about it. Instead I only focus on creating an endless sonic world, where the connection between music, awareness, nature and technology appears.

“One of the more confounding descriptors that have accompanied Nhung’s work so far is the word “dark.” While I can hear underpinnings of that when her noisy side comes out, her compositions feel much more ethereal and weightless to me. The dreamlike quality that would work well soundtracking a film by Stan Brakhage or Harry Smith.” – [Robert Ham for Consequence of Sound).