TV Jones Classic

Jones’ Classic TV Pickups: Vintage Tone for Every Genre

In the world of electric guitars, few components shape the instrument’s character as profoundly as its pickups. Among these, the TV Jones Classic stands out, revered for its rich history and distinctive sound. Crafted with a nod to vintage aesthetics and modern precision, these pickups have become a staple for musicians aiming to achieve a blend of clarity and punch in their music.

TV Jones Classic


Historical Background

soft-recordings.comThe TV Jones Classic pickups emerged from a rich legacy of guitar innovation, closely mirroring the advancements in rock and roll music. Initially inspired by the vintage tones of the 1950s and 1960s, these pickups were developed to recapture the sharp, clear sounds characteristic of early electric guitars. The creator, Tom Jones, launched these pickups to meet the demand for high-quality, vintage-inspired guitar sounds, which were preferred by many musicians seeking a blend of nostalgia and modern performance.



Key Features

TV Jones Classic pickups are renowned for their distinctive tonal capabilities and exceptional build quality. They feature a dual-coil design that significantly reduces hum while maintaining the brightness and clarity that guitarists cherish. The pickups are available in two primary models: the Classic and the Classic Plus. The Classic model offers a slightly lower output for cleaner, sharper sounds, while the Classic odelr is crafted for a slightly hotter output, ideal for guitarists aiming for a fuller, richer sound. These pickups utilize a select blend of magnets and wires, fine-tuned to deliver precise harmonics and sustain, enhancing the overall musical expression and making them versatile across music genres like country, rock, jazz, and blues.


Performance and Tone


Clean Tone Analysis

soft-recordings.comTV Jones Classic pickups exhibit exceptional performance when played clean, delivering a bright and articulate sound that retains its clarity across the tonal spectrum. The dual-coil design significantly contributes to minimizing hum, ensuring that the clean tones are pure and undisturbed by unwanted noise. Musicians find that these pickups provide a versatile foundation for a wide range of genres. For instance, in a jazz setting, the pickups produce rich, warm tones, while in country music, they offer the twang and sharpness that the genre demands.

Distortion Tone Analysis

When distorted, TV Jones Classic pickups maintain their distinct character without losing definition. The pickups handle gain efficiently, allowing guitarists to achieve a gritty, aggressive sound that’s suitable for rock or blues without sacrificing the nuances of the guitar’s natural tone. The Classic Plus model, in particular, stands out by offering higher output that pushes amplifiers harder, ideal for musicians looking to add more edge to their sound. The resulting distortion is thick yet controlled, providing a sonic palette that inspires creative guitar playing.


Installation and Compatibility


Ease of Installation

Installing the TV Jones Classic pickups proves straightforward for both amateur and experienced guitar technicians alike. The pickups come with a comprehensive mounting kit and clear, detailed instructions. Users typically complete the installation process in less than an hour if they possess basic soldering skills and follow the step-by-step guide. Additionally, several online tutorials and support forums are available, promoting a smooth installation experience. Essential tools for the job include a soldering iron, screwdriver, and wire cutters.


Compatible Guitar Models

soft-recordings.comThe TV Jones Classic pickups are designed with versatility in mind, making them compatible with a wide range of guitar models. Primarily, these pickups fit well into guitars originally equipped with Filter’Tron pickups, such as various Gretsch models, without any modifications. Adapters are available for guitars with different setups, including models typically equipped with standard humbuckers like the Gibson Les Paul or the Fender Telecaster. This adaptability ensures that guitarists who prefer different guitar brands can still enjoy the vintage-inspired tones that the TV Jones Classic pickups offer.



Comparison With Other Pickups

Exploring the TV Jones Classic pickups reveals their distinct advantage in delivering versatile, high-quality sound that stands out from other pickups in the market. Their ability to cater to a wide range of musical genres with clarity and warmth makes them a top choice for musicians seeking vintage tones with modern reliability. Whether upgrading a beloved guitar or customizing a new instrument, the TV Jones Classic provides a sound investment that enhances musical expression and performance.

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