ST002 « the stars will shine » by LINEAR BELLS.


The second release from Soft Recordings is a double-length album from the label’s founder, David Teboul. It’s a slow, carefully paced coastal journey through fog, on the edge of windswept cliffs. Cellos swell, bending under the cold downpour, yielding to strong piano chords; echoes of rolling skies. Field recordings blend with string loops to give setting to these audio journals: gravel crunching underfoot on a lonely walk; rhythmic breaths while jogging, pushing into a steadily thickening tempest; dusty, cooked electronics and hissing vinyl crackle.The second half of the album is a self-contained discovery; four tracks, each a short cinematic EP in its own right. Choirs and organs shimmer and slide through each other. Birdcalls and cityscapes merge, separate, and give way to running water. Ambient artist Porya Hatami joins Linear Bells for « Too young to die, » a caravan through wintry desert plateaus; dry, hushed, desolate, and achingly beautiful. The reminder that if we just look up, there is peace. The stars are still shining.

The first orders comes with an extra EP release :

« Mechanized strings reflect
inorganic tones of a discerning nature
and lying within these orchestral cells
there is a metallic wave
so minute we can’t see it’s crevices
but feel it’s presence in palm of hands
with our own paths strung in unison
a symphonic mass permeates
the expressive fields of our ensemble ».

Poem © Emily Loren Moss Ferrell 2014.

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