ST003 « movements for an absent mind » by DARREN HARPER.


« Movements for an Absent Mind » explores the spaces between sleep and waking, bridging the gap between dreams. Darren Harper coaxes an astonishing variety of airy textures and cosmic tones from the ether, using only a guitar, tape machine, and software. Slow ambient swells gently lap against the shores of consciousness. Pleasant brassy drones and percussive echoes recede into the distance. The glowing, soothing void waits patiently, arms opening in a shimmering orchestral surge. Take a breath, and sink into the warm, infinite depths once more.

Photo from Pejman Pabarja
Design & Mastering by David Teboul.

Une réflexion au sujet de « ST003 « movements for an absent mind » by DARREN HARPER. »

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