ST007 « One Day We’ll All Walk Outside And Stare Up At The Blameless Sky And Wait For Something To Happen » by LOST TRAIL

In youth there were days of such blinding splendor
that in each scratched and faded photograph we’re wincing,
as if all staring at the sun in our backyards,
collectively waiting for some fantastic rapture to descend.In those times I knew every fire road like my own skin,
every bone and vein of those rutted secret trails
carving at the forests beyond the neighborhood.
This was my topography, our permanent abandon.

Now those lines have wandered away into hovering mist
between bent branches, disappearing beneath leaves and logs
or ensnared in the rusted teeth of bear traps yawning metallically.
Now the timber paths have sung their last refrain
and haunted, shrink softly into the horizon.’

Poem By Zachary Corsa

« One Day We’ll All Walk Outside And Stare Up At The Sky And Wait For Something To Happen ». A dark, dark journey of spirits and alchemy conjured in the supernaturally hot, still spring of 2014 in Burlington, North Carolina, that haunted black X on the map buried deep in the Alamance foothills. These are the wailings of phantoms trapped beneath the floorboards and between the walls of our murky and crumbling 1910 home, buried on sleeping side-streets within a moment’s reach of swarming, grasping woods. These are the sheets of rain swept in the doorway, the static churning of a possessed shortwave radio, the spitting demons of electricity and malfunction and broken, obsolete machines slowly giving way to organic sounds, light, an upward journey out of the very hands of night’s oblivion and into more luminous, radiant decay. Here lies collapse, entropy, and rebirth.

Lost Trail is the ambient/drone/experimental noise project of husband-and-wife duo Zachary Corsa and Denny Wilkerson Corsa. Based in the mysterious small city of Burlington, North Carolina, The Corsas utilize lo-fi and obsolete recording technology in their music, aiming to capture a sense of atmosphere and landscape in both man-made and wild environments. Working primarily with second-hand analog equipment, their work is a vivid patchwork collage of damaged cassette loops, field recordings, primitive percussion, layers of ethereal guitar drones, wailing feedback and static, and skeletal traces of antique piano and organ. The themes of Lost Trail’s work often include a sense of the otherworldly or supernatural, as well as strong ties to nature, human calamity, and a fascination with the concept of passionate belief systems. The songs themselves are raw, broken, minimalist, imperfect, flawed, emotionally resounding and chaotically unpredictable, all composed in the spirit of reckless, heedless improvisation.
Lost Trail is often a multimedia endeavor, and both members contribute poetry, photography and experimental film to their material, all while maintaining a fiercely self-sufficient DIY aesthetic. The Corsas have toured the bulk of mainland America, released scores of cassette and CD editions on numerous national and international labels, and have had their work acclaimed by publications such as Pitchfork, The Wire, Tiny Mix Tapes, Decoder, Heathen Harvest, and many more.


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released 18 January 2015SOFT-RECORDINGS presents ST007
Title : One Day We’ll All Walk Outside And Stare Up At The Blameless Sky And Wait For Something To Happen
Release Date: January 2015
Recorded, Mixed, Produced, Written © Spring, 2014 By Lost Trail
@ Sleepaway Camp, Burlington, NC.
Mastered by David Teboul.
CD Artworks & photos : David Teboul & Peter nejedly
Distribution : BANDCAMP
Format : 4 panel Digipack CD + Digital.