ST008 « Different Streams » by EUS, Postdrome, and Saåad

First, let us start by elaborating on the history of the band as well as touch base on the fact that “Different Streams” is the quartet second effort after their 2012 title [Sustained Layers]. The elementary principle is of no doubt the thrill and contentment taken to produce the first record and the devotion to confront in all hospitality the eagerness, yet again, two years later, where everyone has evolved in different direction. This my friends is more like history repeating itself, except that this time around, the gathering of the 3 aliases characterize an “additional” two years of experimenting, writing and music producing experience on the table. This logically goes to say “Different Streams” does not necessarily sound like a reasonable collaborative continuation of the first record, but instead the post-production / production in its very core reflect with more precision and with an inundate emphasis on field-recordings.

Second and foremost, let’s face it; we are talking about a quartet from three different countries with three different languages and with a completely deluded time zone. The differences between [Saåad] based in France, Charlie who switch country every 15 days in Asia, and José formally from Costa Rica… and the concept of the album (from the collaborative aliases point of view), was to create a space where all these places and minds meet, converge in a direction of such streams. The way I sees it, as we all know it is indeed difficult for some to express themselves in words. That said some musicians have the special ability to speak out loud through some particular kind of noise. [EUS], [Postdrome] & [Saåad] are musicians amongst the handful musicians who distinctively express their emotion and their feeling through instruments and sound-making. The music itself in its very dark nature lives in a memorable place and is kept away, far from the fierceness of this world.

As dark as it gets “Different Streams” is an engaging listen, helm by 4 pilots, from various part of this world, they uses guitar / effects and field recordings to build what I would described as, strictly sophisticated and appealing drone noises. Seriously though, we got ourselves some high end material buried deeply in ambient-drone slabs where each tracks stretches to an average of 4 to 7 minutes plus, but filled with subtle distortions where everything’s around you appears to immerse in rainbows. [EUS], [Postdrome] & [Saåad] crushing noises have a strong tendency to dawdle in the air for several minutes after which a soft, washed-out drone triggers into the music leaving its listeners in a nervous state of mind and eager to know what’s next.

Lastly and admittedly, “Different Stream” paints a great number of sonic textures and soundscapes. The album is like a labyrinth in its multitude cluster of tones and darkness. Hard-core drone and ambient minded listeners will no doubt find this release as comfy as they would feel in a small paradise island. I mean smooth digestion and easy flaw from one movement to the other while recalling master-mind monikers such as [Fabio Orsi], [Noveller], [Richard Sanderson], [Kissy Suzuki] and the likes at the back of their brain. But that in mind, passive ambient listeners and none hard-core drone minded people will also find this listen extremely appealing on the first go itself simply based on the experimental side of the project. EXCELLENT SOUND that goes for everyone guys …