ST009 « Belonging to the Infinity » by SOUND AWAKENER & LINEAR BELLS


For those who are not familiar with [ Sound Awakener ], brief description on the alias, [ Sound Awakener ] is the solo project of [ Nguyễn Hồng Nhung (Nhung Nguyen) ] from Hanoi, Vietnam. The project was formed back in 2011, with the aim to experiment with various sound elements, especially random ones. Nhung’s mainly worked with laptop and sometimes instruments/daily objects and since then, [ Sound Awakener ] record, design and manipulate everything by herself, from field recordings to tape sounds and generative output. Bloggers and writers tend to synchronize [ Sound Awakener’s ] music to themes like electro acoustic, sound art, ambient, noise and other related atmospheres. That in mind Nhung’s personally don’t emphasize too much on tags and genres. Instead she only focuses on creating an endless sonic world, where the connection between music, awareness, nature and technologies collide in a big bang. One of the more confounding blurbs that accompanied Nhung’s work so far is “Dark” quoted with the following words…. While I can hear the underpinnings of the noisy side of the project, the compositions feel much more ethereal and weightless. The dreamlike quality that would fit well with her sound is the soundtrack of a film by Stan Brakhage or Harry Smith.” – ( Robert Ham for Consequence of Sound ).

The latest collaboration from prolific ambient/drone outfits [ Sound Awakener ] & [ Linear Bells ] shapes a different ritual all together as oppose to both monikers previous releases, which is fairly understandable considering the fact that we have two master mind in the process as oppose to one. So do not be utterly alarmed when you hear [ Belonging To The Infinity ] taking on the darkest path. The truth of matter is… things tend to get a little tricky on collaboration works. Bearing in mind that everything is suddenly apprehended ‘to the square’ i.e we now have two different musical background, two different musical perception, two different mind-set and two different sound motifs; but when the music is created in its finest comprehension, regardless of the fact that we have two separate entity you can still end up with something truly and utterly flawless, which is exactly the case with [ Belonging To The Infinity ]. So even though this latest collaboration is not the kind of sound one would conceive in his familiar surrounding or familiar mind-set, all you need is to set your mind and prep’ your emotions to undergo one of the darkest path. From there my friend, you are in for a mega treat. Trust me on that. I know because I’ve listened to this collaboration dozens of times to get where I am now. It’s opaque, flawless and above all the sound tends to form a different notion all together which is simply ecstatic for me.

On a simplified note, on one side [ Linear Bells ] being one of my favourite artist for years in terms of a multi-instrumentalist solo outfit occasionally flirting with vintage instruments and hard on sound manipulations and the other side of the token [ Sound Awakener ] being an alias I’ve recently been introduced to ‘what an honour’ but fell deeply in love with its explicit darkness that rises slowly through each movements albeit delightfully pleasant but extremely catchy on the first listen, this new collaboration effort is a power-driven apparatus that unified the theory of how subtle noise and distortion sound can blossomed in this new digital age. For those who yarn the days of sound perfection and where artists wouldn’t set any boundaries and where everything is limitless and to the extreme, you’d be glad to know that this day is not near but it’s here. There is no limit as to how far an artist can go these days and how deep can his sound manipulation can take you. [ Sound Awakener ] & [ Linear Bells ] are the living proof that theory.

The atmosphere of the music very much relates to various passages, capturing the sort of dark ambience one might associate with total solitude and sleepless nights. Musically, the album has a strong organic feel with patches that feels a lot more realistic when compared to the usual drone-ambient and otherworldly soundscapes. But make no mistake; there is a certain tension and edginess that accompanies the overall sounding. So depending on the mood you are this release can be as light as heavenly clouds and as precise as well known polymath painters “Leonardo Da Vichi”. Filled with textures, high in contrast and subtle on an epic proportion [ Belonging To The Infinity ] is a collaboration work that stays loyal to its title description. As most of us would agree SOFT has always live up to its name and this latest collaboration release once again set SOFT-RECORDINGS totally apart from other Recording Labels on a unique scale. By all means guys get this release and give it a thorough listen, as if from the beginning to the end without skipping or fast forwarding any movement. This is a BRILLIANT COLLABORATION I would personally rate 10 out of 10 based on the quoted tags.


released 19 April 2015

« Belonging to the Infinity » by
Digital + Digipak CD (book format).
Photography by Mehran Naghshbandi.
Mastering by Taylor Deupree 12k.
© David Teboul & Nguyễn Hồng Nhung 2015

Sound Awakener :
Acoustic Piano,
Acoustic Guitar,
Music Box, Chimes and other objects

Linear Bells :
Cello, Guitar, Piano,
Subtle Chimes, Organ and Field Recordings