To understand the outcome of this new release “Or” translated as “Gold” in English, listeners and fans need to comprehend certain factors and attributions. A. “Or” is a record that is extremely personal from David Teboul a.k.a [ Linear Bells ]. B. All arrangements of this new release started from spring 2015 right till the end of summer 2015 and C. David also went completely solo on this recording as oppose to a collaboration act like the previous release with [ Sound Awakener ]. Considering those factors when we speak of “Or” we are literally talking about three month’s seclusion, as if gathering all your dedications, ideas, musical thoughts and motivations in one place and withdrawing yourself in solitude to make a record.
Now that we’ve touch based a little as to how it all happened which clearly is impressive, let’s dive to the end result of “Or”. On a musical note the album is more of a drone-wash of infuse ambience from the outset, the album is clear of static noises and majority of beeps and glitches are purified from the inner layers to the outer surface. Yes, I’ll agree to a certain extent we still got the same [ Linear Bells ] sound signature but this time I think we can all admit that David has presented us a more organic delicacy. The meticulous output of the entire album is drowned from layers of guitars + pedals and organs resonating in waves. And while the sound, to my understanding went through a distillation phase, the outcome pertain a solid darkness and a mysterious flow that is rather obscure, acting in accordance to the likes of [ Ember Wreath ], [ Sequences ], [ Ous Mal ], [ Isartum ] and [ Anji Cheung ] but in a more subterranean fashion with accessible arrangements and a sophisticated touch.
Without getting in too much details, I mean although emotions can be translated in words but we have to agree that emotions also varies from listeners to listeners, so what I feel and what I vision while listening to “OR” may not necessary be what you feel and what you experience. That said, various listeners can take different approaches on “OR” but keep in mind that whichever angles you look at it, chances are very like that you’ll end up concluding that “OR” fall somewhere between background music, soundtrack music, relaxation tunes or meditative sound and film noir or independent movie soundtrack. The drone(y) strings on “OR” has a strong tendency to engrave a musical path and the reverberated vibrations holds hazy motifs that float in waves-motion between frequencies offering hints to the album’s advancement and making it impossible to pause midway.
Final note: As dark and as heavy it gets the enhanced melancholy atmospheres have a strong tendency to keep listeners guessing and prying for more. In its entirety “OR” clock’s just over an hour and while in its obscurest form the album offers a murky atmospheres but yet carried out with notions of structure and flexibility in cautious elegant ways that project a great amount of care without the feeling of being laboured, vice versa in its clearest moment “OR” unearth crumble distortions and delays that communicate a collection of glistening tones that create a stylized perspectives and haunting beauty. My best advice on this new release is to schedule it, find a comfy moment and a lonely spot for the next hour is going to be epic guys. We got ourselves some extremely dark yet melancholic listen to indulge our hearing senses.