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Watch the John Deere Classic: TV Schedule & Channel Guide 2023

As the lush greens of the TPC Deere Run light up with the excitement of the John Deere Classic, fans across the globe are gearing up to catch every swing and putt of this prestigious PGA Tour event. Known for its rich history and role as a stepping stone for future champions, the tournament draws not only seasoned golf enthusiasts but also new fans eager to witness the drama unfold.

John Deere Classic TV Coverage

History of the Tournament


soft-recordings.comThe John Deere Classic boasts a long-standing tradition within the PGA Tour, first held in 1971. Known initially as the Quad Cities Open, the tournament found a permanent home at TPC Deere Run in Silvis, Illinois, in 2000. Over the years, it has seen champions such as Jordan Spieth and Steve Stricker, who have added to the storied legacy of the event. The historical context enriches the tournament, attracting a dedicated viewership that appreciates not only the current competition but also its significant past.

Importance in Golf

As a fixture on the PGA Tour, the John Deere Classic holds considerable significance in the world of golf. It provides critical FedExCup points and offers a last chance for players to qualify for The Open Championship. This tournament is pivotal for professional golfers looking to make their mark or maintain their standings in a highly competitive field. Its importance ensures wide coverage across major sports networks, facilitating robust discussions and analyses among golf pundits and enthusiasts alike. Engaging with this tournament offers viewers a window into emerging talents and seasoned professionals vying for supremacy on a challenging course.

Channels Broadcasting the John Deere Classic

Major Networks Involved

soft-recordings.comThe John Deere Classic garners extensive television coverage owing to its prestige on the PGA Tour. Key broadcasters include CBS Sports and Golf Channel, platforms known for their comprehensive golf tournament telecasts. CBS Sports typically handles weekend coverage, offering viewers high-definition broadcasts of the final rounds. Golf Channel, on the other hand, provides coverage of the earlier rounds, ensuring fans don’t miss any action from the outset.

Coverage Hours and Schedules

The coverage hours for the John Deere classic are carefully scheduled to cater to a wide audience. Golf Channel broadcasts the opening rounds on Thursday and Friday from 3 PM to 6 PM Eastern Time. Over the weekend, CBS Sports takes over, airing coverage from 3 PM to 6 PM Eastern Time on both Saturday and Sunday. This scheduling allows fans to catch the exciting climax of the tournament during prime weekend hours, enhancing viewer engagement and satisfaction.

Features of TV Coverage

High-Definiton and Live Streaming Options

soft-recordings.comThe John Deere Classic offers comprehensive high-definition TV coverage. Viewers enjoy crystal clear visuals that capture every aspect of the golfers’ performances and the lush beauty of TPC Deere Run. With advancements in technology, networks such as CBS Sports and Golf Channel ensure that audiences experience the excitement as if they were on the sidelines. Additionally, live streaming options are available for fans who prefer watching the event on digital platforms. They can access streams via CBS Sports, Golf Channel’s official websites, or their apps, ensuring that no one misses a moment of the action, provided they have a compatible device and internet connection.

Commentators and Analysts

The quality of commentary significantly enhances the viewing experience of the John Deere Classic. Renowned commentators and analysts bring the game to life with their in-depth knowledge and insightful observations. Personalities like Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo, who often cover major golf tournaments for CBS, may contribute their expertise, offering viewers detailed analysis of player performances and strategies. Their ability to engage with golf fans adds a personalized touch to the broadcast, deepening viewers’ understanding of the game and heightening their appreciation for the skills displayed during the tournament.

Viewer Experience

As the John Deere Classic unfolds at TPC Deere Run viewers can expect nothing short of spectacular coverage. With networks like CBS Sports and Golf Channel at the helm the broadcasts are set to captivate audiences with high-definition visuals and expert commentary. Fans won’t miss a moment of the action thanks to comprehensive scheduling and live streaming options.

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